Rhodri Chudleigh

LLB(Hons) Higher Court Advocate - Solicitor
Rhodri Chudleigh

Rhodri has a wealth of experience in criminal law having practiced as a criminal Solicitor for almost two decades. He has been a Solicitor Advocate since 2009, representing defendants as advocate in the Crown Court. Rhodri has appeared on multiple occasions before the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.

Rhodri specialises in the defence of clients charged with the most serious of offences such as large-scale drug conspiracies, fraud, serious violence and serious sexual offences. Rhodri was the founding partner of Chudleigh Solicitors between 2010 and 2015 before merging with David Sedgwick Solicitors in Bridgend. SCM Law now represent the majority of criminal defendants in Mid Glamorgan.

Rhodri has experience in defending cases prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service, Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


  • R v M & others 2021 OPERATION CAPOTE – Encro chat drug conspiracy involving multiple kilos of cocaine distribution
  • R v B & others 2020 OPERATION VERMONT – Large scale drug conspiracy involving 29 defendants, 30 Kg of Amphetamine, 10Kg of cocaine and a large illicit industrial class A production Laboratory. A Very High Costs Case (VHCC).
  • R v B & others 2019 OPERATION RED DRAGON – 5 defendant conspiracy to supply half a million pounds of heroin
  • R v A & others 2018 OPERATION BLUE KERCH – Widespread distribution of class A, B and C drugs 90,000 page of evidence
  • R v A & others 2018 OPERATION JACKDAW – 8 defendant conspiracy to supply heroin
  • R v M & others 2018 OPERATION CAVE – 10 defendant conspiracy to supply multiple kilos of class A drugs
  • R v Vu & others 2018 OPERATION VIOLET PANAMA – 19 defendant conspiracy to supply industrial quantities of cannabis
  • R v T,P & G & others 2017 OPERATION BLUE MAGNET – acted for 3 defendants in a multi handed conspiracy to supply kilos of heroin an cocaine
  • R v J & others 2017 OPERATION VIOLET ANVIL – conspiracy to supply multiple kilos of cocaine and cannabis
  • R v H 2017 – OPERATION BLUE CAPRI – large scale paedophile sex case
  • R v K & others 2017 OPERATION ORANGE GOBI – Multiple defendant conspiracy to supply cocaine and possess sawn off shotgun
  • R v T, C & S & others 2017 OPERATION HALLET – Acted for 3 defendants in a large scale conspiracy to supply cocaine
  • R v S 2016 – MURDER
  • R v A 2014 OPERATION DINO – 80 defendant crash for cash insurance scam
  • R v S 2014 OPERATION BUGS – 18 defendant large scale trading standards fraud
  • R v H & others 2014 OPERATION ASTORIA – People trafficking and large-scale cannabis production
  • R v G & others 2013 OPERATION WHITE HORSE – Large scale money laundering


  • R v John 2014
  • R v Maloney 2015 EWCA Crim 798